More and more people worldwide are living in places not considered their place of origin. Even within that statement, the idea of “origin” is up for debate- is it where you were born? The place where your caregivers are from? Where you try to spend most of your time? The place that is the most meaningful to you?

On the surface, the question “Where is home” initially seems very simple; however, it is the most simple questions that bring evermore complicated answers.

On December 10 & 17, Hamilton-based Vicktoria Adam will attempt to explore these issues through her own origin story in an original musical cabaret written and performed by herself at the Staircase Café Theatre.

“I created this show to explore what ‘home’ is.” Adam was noted as saying. “I’ve moved so mch in my life and the concept of home has shifted and changed as I grew up. Using song and story, I’m going to attempt to figure out why.”

Prior to moving to Hamilton, Adam grew up in Northern Alberta, before moving to Toronto to study at the Randolph Academy (now College) for the Performing Arts. Hamilton audiences will be familiar with Adam as both a playwright and a performer, as her past efforts include Midnight Circle and Princess Penelope’s End of the World Magical Musical Super Happy Fun Time Show, both presented at the Hamilton Fringe Festival.

The timing of this show is no coincidence. The idea of returning “home” for the holidays is literally as old as the religious origin story of Christmas itself, and on cold, snowy days, there is little that anyone may want to partake in that does not involve being somewhere that feels cozy and comfortable.

Who: Vicktoria Adam
What: There’s No Place Like Home: A Musical Cabaret
Length: Approximately 90 minutes
Where:  Staircase Theatre (27 Dundurn Street North)
When: December 10 & 17 at 8pm
Tickets: $20 at

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