To the Aeris Körper Dance Company, nothing is better than exploring the possibilities in creativity, movement and dance and inspire audience members to do the same. To accomplish this ambitious goal, the company is equally ambitious in its programming, making it one of the hottest up-and-coming dance companies to watch in the Hamilton region today.  

Their second season launches later this month with PROSPECTS: An Evening of Dance and Discussion on October 19. Over the course of the performance at the Burlington Student Theatre (2131 Prospect Street), audience members will witness new and in-progress contemporary dance works which are woven together by the common theme of ‘identity.’

The evening of dance promises a fantastic lineup of choreographers who have a local, national and international presence, including Shannon Kitchings, Gavin Law, SaMel Tanz, Dana MacDonald and Cheyenne Sapphire.

Each work will be followed by a guided Q&A discussion, led by the choreographer of each piece. For those feeling to shy to ask a question or provide feedback, written contributions will also be facilitated during the evening.

“This interactive, informal event brings together community members to share ideas, learn about contemporary dance and bring life to the local arts in Burlington,” said Lisa Emmons, Aeris Körper’s Artistic Director, who will also be presenting a work during PROSPECTS.  

Tickets for the October 19 edition of PROSPECTS can be purchased online. Additional editions in the PROSPECT series are currently scheduled for Saturday February 22 and Saturday June 6, 2020.

For those unable to attend PROSPECTS, or just looking for a different way to experience dance in Hamilton, Aeris Körper has also collaborated with a number of local artists to create a unique immersive two-night only experience at the new Tropical Greenhouse in Gage Park.

The individual elements of Collapsing the Night on November 22 and 23 at the Greenhouse in Gage Park is spectacular and worth exploring on its own. The music, provided by Grace no Grace (Katherine Fraser and Graham Freeman) is newly created for each performance, meaning audience members can expect to hear something different each time. The projections are provided by OPTICKS; a local experimental light art initiative whose work has been showcased at Factory Media Centre and New Vision United Church. The choreography is for fifteen individually talented dancers, and combine with the music and projections to create an experience for all senses.

As an immersive experience, the evening has been shaped so that there is no stage and performances can happen at any time, both throughout and around the audience. Of particular note is the company’s efforts to ensure that audience members remain in control of their level of participatory experience through colour-coded clothing. This ensures that those audience members who choose to observe performers without engaging or interacting are able to do so (and quickly identifiable to performers), while those who desire greater interaction or who want to participate in the experience can be easily approached and encouraged to participate.

Trained guides will lead audience members through the Greenhouse. These helpful Guides are also present to ensure meaningful experiences and can move and suggest ways for participants to attempt. Tickets for Collapsing the Night are not yet on sale (but will be shortly on the Aeris Körper website), but given the experience and lineup for these performances, expect the tickets to go fast- this could easily be Hamilton’s can’t miss event of the 19-20 season.

Feature photo of the work of SaMel Tanz by Lisa Koh.

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