Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Call for Artists: Multidisciplinary Residency

L’Air Arts Residency. Photo courtesy of L’Air Arts.

L’AiR Arts is pleased to announce the OPEN CALL for the International Residency for Artists and Cultural Professionals – “Revisiting the Roaring Twenties: Art, Culture and the Ecole de Paris”

Paris has long been known as a hub for artists from all over the world. Montparnasse, where the residency is situated, became famous as the heart of intellectual and artistic life during the interwar period, with the rise of the Ecole de Paris in the 1920s, which saw international artists working and living alongside each other in the center of the French capital.

Referred to as Les Années Folles, or the Roaring Twenties, the year 2020 marks the centenary of one of the world’s most prolific periods of intercultural and artistic exchange, with a key site in Montparnasse. To commemorate this historical legacy, L’AiR Arts at FIAP will host a multidisciplinary residency for artists and cultural professionals in January 2020. Titled “Revisiting the Roaring Twenties 1920 / 2020: Art, Culture and the Ecole de Paris”, this will be dedicated to the celebration of intercultural exchange through the arts.

The idea of the program is to revisit the cosmopolitan spirit that allowed arts community to thrive during the interwar period of Ecole de Paris and to support international dialogue today. The program will offer a series of inclusive cultural events , including open studios, talks and showcases – each built on the generosity of the Paris based artists and cultural professionals and the solidarity of international arts community. This program provides an opportunity to build lasting connections, share experiences, ideas, and meals, getting to know one another not only as colleagues but as people. During the residency period, participants will have a chance to exchange ideas with their fellow residents from other countries, participate in relevant professional development events and showcase their work.

Artists and cultural professionals working in all art disciplines, including but not limited to visual arts, music, dance, theatre and literature are invited to apply by September 15, 2019. Scholarships available.

Additional information and how to apply: http://www.lairarts.com/multidisciplinary-artist-residency.html


L’AiR Arts is a not-for-profit organisation (une association à but non lucratif soumise à la loi 1901) with a mission to support intercultural and artistic exchange through international artist residencies. Founded in 2016, as an artist residency based at a historical artist studio in the French countryside, in 2018 L’AiR Arts has partnered with FIAP Jean Monnet, an international exchange centre since 1968, to offer intercultural group residencies for artists from around the world in a historic art district of Montparnasse.

L’AiR Arts programs bring together artists, researchers, arts professionals and patrons from different nationalities and backgrounds with the aim to foster creativity and artistic practice, while promoting diversity, inclusion and international understanding through artistic and cultural heritage.

For any questions, please contact Mila Ovchinnikova.

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