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Wearable Art Wins Residency At The Cotton Factory

Hamilton is developing a reputation as a film and TV town- so it was only a matter of time before the Hamilton Arts Council’s Artist in Residence would follow suit.

The latest recipient of the six-month residency, a joint initiative between the Arts Council and The Cotton Factory is Dawn Grant; a makeup and special effects artist who has not only worked in film and TV, but who works in wearable art and has a therapeutic art practice.

Her therapeutic art practice, which helps people explore self-expression and emotions using art and creativity as a compass for personal insight and healing will play a role in her residency. While in the studio, Grant will host therapeutic art sit-ins (both in person and virtual). 

The Unicorn Crown is one of Grant’s wearable artworks, available through her brand, UFascinateMe.(photo courtesy of the Hamilton Arts Council)

In addition to her accreditations in film, television and music videos, Grant has also worked as a props and production designer and makeup educator. Her brand, which she owns and designs, is called UFascinateMe and is dedicated to blending nuances of the African Diaspora with visual artistry, textile art and fashion design. Appropriately named, the brand features primarily crowns and fascinators, but also includes other accessories and wearable art as well. 

As the Hamilton Arts Council’s Artist-in-Residence for the next six months, Grant will have access to free studio space at The Cotton Factory. In addition to networking with the other creative tenants at the creative space, Grant will also be able to participate in The Cotton Factory’s events, and display her artwork at the space. The Hamilton Arts Council also supports the residency through assistance for artist materials. 

“I try to add colour and diversity into everything I create”, Grant said in a press release, “To make people interested in the fine details of my work, is for them to reflect on themselves and how they perceive identity.” 

In the course of her 2023 Residency, Grant will create a collection that explores themes including, ‘How it Feels to Walk in My Feet’, ‘It’s All in Your Mind’ and ‘An Eyeful’.

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