Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Hamilton Fringe Festival 2021 Reviews

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Digital Exclusives

The Alligator Holds Its Breath (Just Look Normal)

The Audition (Impetus Theatre)

Black Deer in Blizzard (Fly the Nest Productions)

The Caffeine Rabbit Hole (Bandler Corporation)

Carlyn Rhamey: Chaotic Good (Carlyn Rhamey)

Creature (Same Boat Theatre Company)

Hammered (Gritty City Theatre Company)

Imposter’s Sin Room (Great Gulls of Fire Creations)

It’s a Beautiful Day for Brunch and to Arrest the Cops That Killed Breonna Taylor (Afterlife Theatre)

Joan/Jehanne (Friendly Bear Theatre Company)

The Laughter (Minmar Gaslight Productions)

Morrison Returns (New Wheel Pictures)

Mr. Wonderful and I (Page1 Theatre)

Prairie Odyssey (Bon Mots Productions)

Still Standing: The Music of Sir Elton John (Great Blue Dram)

Sunny Days Ahead (Pondside Media)

TIN CAN TELEPHONE (Porch Light Theatre)

Vagabond (Glass Wall Theatre)

Bring Your Own Virtual Venue

HCA Teen Creation Collective: Perspectives (Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts)

Martians and Martinis (Chasing Shadows Productions)

Theatre on Demand

Another Birthday at the Buffet (MIXED Theatre Hamilton)

The Container (Plot Hole Company)

Midnight Baby (Island Boy Public Journal)

Relative Loneliness (Open Heart)

Take Me to Your Garden (Third Wheel Theatre)

Terminus (The 9th)

Editor’s note: As part of our values, it is noted that as accredited media for the Hamilton Fringe Festival, reviewers for Beyond James received free tickets to the shows they attended.

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