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2022 Hamilton Fringe Festival Reviews

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A Pang of Displacement (get me a chai productions)

A Question of Justice (Only One Chance Theatre Company)

A Side of Rice (Chromedome Productions)

A Work of Fiction (Nicholas Wallace)

Bookmarks (Local Rascal Productions)

Bulfinch’s Mythology (Tottering Biped Theatre)

Civilized: A Live Podcast Experience (Fable and Folly Productions)

Dedication (Soul Gem Theatre Productions)

Deep Fried Curried Perogies (Mahatmamajama Productions)

Drag me to the Opera (Steven Morton)

End With a Kiss (Red Brick Theatre)

Flag & Pile (Company of Hags)

Hammered 2.0: Moonrocks vs. Moonshine (Gritty City Theatre Company)

Ignite (Teen Creation Collective)

Killing Time: A Game Show Musical (Killing Time Productions/Mixtape Projects)

Kiss The Stormy Sky (Sid Ryan Eilers)

Making It Up (One Playwright to Another) (One Playwright Productions)

Meatless Loaf (Afterlife Theatre)

Meditaish (ARE YOU WELL?)

Medusa (Brianna Seferiades)

MINE! True Stories and Legends of the Porcupine Gold Rush (Chasing Shadows Productions)

Old Fart (Theatre Praxis)

SAMCA (Spindle Collective/Riot King)

Snow Day (Little Terrier Productions)

Something Small, Something Sweet (HB Productions)

Squid (Conscious Fool Theatre Company)

Stage Fright (Stolen Theatre Collective)

Stupid Ed (Ed Hill Comedy)

Tales from Island Boy Public Journal (The 70 Mile Yard Sale) (Island Boy Public Journal)

The Beauty We Carry (Unit 5 Theatre Collective)

The big lie (Hyperbolic Research Laboratories)

This coast was new (Bururet Collective)

The Disney Delusion (Prosperity Mule Productions)

The Foot Doctor (Choripan Theatre)

The House Key Project (Porch Light Theatre)

The Movement Museum (The Alosh Movement)

The Night They Raided McMaster (Theatre Erebus)

The Role Play (Apothecary Theatre)

The Trillionaire (Doolally Productions)

Thy Name is Woman (Into the Abyss Productions)

Time Limits Dropped on Easter Sunday (Wonder Jones Productions)

TMII: Too Much Information Improvised (Dog Martin Comedy)

Too Big for her Britches (Lisa Pezik)

Tree Confessions (This is Not A Theatre Company)

Unmatched (Levity Theatre Co.)

We Will Date You (Nour Hadidi)

Wet (Let’s Get Wet Productions)

Whale Fall (Same Boat Theatre Company)

Editor’s Note: In keeping in line with our values, it is noted that all reviewers for Beyond James received complimentary tickets to the shows they reviewed during the 2022 Hamilton Fringe Festival.

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