Monday, February 26, 2024

The Pearl Company Announces its Impending Closure (Again)

How much can change in just nine short weeks.

When The Pearl Company first announced its impending closure in October 2018, no definitive timeline was given- just that they would remain open until a buyer was found. When a potential sale fell through in early September, the Company announced that they would continue to operate for as long as possible. This was great news for the Hamilton Arts Community, who has found not only affordable performance space in The Pearl Company, but also unwavering support from the building’s champions, Barbara Milne and Gary Santucci. 

The idea of “as long as possible,” though, seems to now have a definitive end date.

“We are expecting to finish our run June 30.” says a recent post on The Pearl Company’s website by Milne. “I want our remaining time here to be exciting, creative and memorable. I want it to be emblematic of everything the Pearl has been.”

While there is no news on a closing date for a sale, or even what may happen to the building next, The Pearl is continuing to offer an eclectic mix of programming that fills a much-needed void in Hamilton.

November offerings included the Steel City Jazz Festival and Hanna Bech Presents “Mirroring”: A Concert & Art Show Where Musicians and Artists Pay Homage to Each Other. Just this past weekend, Gary Santucci’s Spanjazz- A World Beat Jazz Project combined world music rhythms with a jazz ensemble. 
In addition to presenting the Nortesur’s Production of Glengarry Glen Ross in December, The Pearl Company will also host their annual New Year’s Eve party on December 31, which promises good music, great conversations and lots of dancing. 

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