Sunday, September 19, 2021

Fringe Review: Perspectives

Who: Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts Teen Creation Collective
What: Perspectives
Length: 15 Minutes
WhereHamilton Fringe Festival Bring Your Own Virtual Venue Series
When: July 15-25, 2021
Tickets: From $5 -$20 via the Hamilton Fringe Festival Box Office

There’s a great sense of self-awareness throughout Perspectives; an unapologetically unpolished presentation by five teen creators through the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts. As the title suggests, the show is based entirely on how the creators see the world; from the typical fears and anxieties faced by teenagers (such as high school and first jobs) to extraordinary anxieties developed through the pandemic.

With the entire production written and created in a two week period, it’s incredible how cohesive the show and its focus is; a testament to the emerging directoral talents of Maya Cornejo, Sarah Foley and Sam Whitehouse. In addition to directing, Cornejo, Foley and Whitehouse are credited as writers, as are Abbey Keays and Anneula Monchamp, all of whom act in the performance as well.

The strength of the production is in its earnestness to be authentic and its commitment to its story. As a result, there is incredible self-awareness throughout the story, which manages to achieve its goals and feel like a complete production in its fifteen minute running time; likely thanks to the assistance of veteran mentors Stephanie Hope Lawlor and Erica May Wood. The time passes relatively quickly with genuinely funny and poignant moments sprinkled throughout the work. The most impactful moments come in stillness, as characters speak or simply move through tableaus.

Perspectives is not without its flaws. As a show created and executed within a short time span, the production is heavily unpolished, and the actors- like any teenager- still have much to learn in terms of technique, comfort onstage and on camera. However, the potential is there, and if their voices and talents are the future of Hamilton theatre, the city has much to look forward to.

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