Who: Pink Pantheon Projects
What: We All Got Lost
Where: The Westdale Cinema (1014 King Street West)
When: July 18-28, various dates & times (as part of the Hamilton Fringe Festival
Tickets: http://hamiltonfringe.ca/shows/we-all-got-lost/

Winner of the 2019 Hamilton Fringe New Play Contest, Pink Pantheon Project’s We All Got Lost is a coming of age story about five Catholic schoolgirls in Northern Ontario who tell stories in the woods, when one of the stories results in tragedy. Along the way, they do their best to deal with the challenges of school, religion, family, sexuality and life in general as teenagers.

While the performances are wonderful, the show very well staged and directed, with excellent production values, especially given the limitations of using the Westdale as a theatre venue, the script seems about half done. At only 45 minutes in length, there are a number of storylines that are brought forth and then never referenced again, including one of the girls’ discovering her sexual identity. The aforementioned tragedy happens about three-quarters of the way through the play, followed by mostly narration of what happened next. It would be wonderful to see these unresolved storylines expanded into a fuller show going forward.

We All Got Lost is a great start to what should be a full-length show. The production features richly-drawn characters that are wonderfully performed by the cast, but in its current form, feels incomplete. It would be wise for the playwright to expand upon their storylines, and show more about what happens after the tragedy. Doing so, would provide greater resolution, and a more satisfying conclusion.

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