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Sarah’s Hotspot: “Ode To Rose” by Coda Facto

Hamilton-based vintage rock duo Coda Facto want listeners to know that their latest single, “Ode To Rose”, is more than just a break-up song.

The rock duo, consisting of Alex DeRoo on piano and Jon Harley on violin make up Coda Facto- an indie-rock group releasing soft-rock folk inspired singles. Both musicians contribute vocals and guitars to the project, blending folk roots with Britpop and English rock inspirations.

Their latest single, “Ode To Rose”, was inspired by COVID-19 and nostalgia for the past.

“The song was written in the summer during the global pandemic, while commuting from Toronto,” said DeRoo. “We were both going to the city to see people who were important to us, the song is a reflection of that time coming to an end.”

The duo recorded the original demo at DeRoo’s house.

“We had ambition to experiment with more complex arrangements, especially in strings and vocal harmonies,” said Harley. “Our friend Joel McCabe co-wrote and contributed to developing those arrangements. You can hear Joel on lead guitar and harmonies in the final recording! We recorded with Carl Jennings, from Freedom Train, at Westmoreland Studios in Hamilton.”

The Trews made an appearance on “Ode To Rose”, as the Canadian classic band’s drummer Chris Gormley lent some rhythm to the piece.

“Carl brought in Chris to develop the rhythm section of the song, and it was at that point we felt the driving power of the song come together,” said DeRoo. “The song you hear now is the result of a great collaboration.”

The band are excited to see their art being talked about.

“The people we had in mind when the song was written felt moved in a positive way,” said Harley. “We’re also glad to see the song being promoted by blogs and playlists!”

Listeners can help support Coda Facto by streaming their music, following their socials, and tuning in for the release of their Jamesville EP dropping October 1, 2021!

Photos by Ashlyn Vickery of Vicks Prints

This article originally appeared on Sarah’s Hotspot.

Sarah Jessica Rintjemahttps://www.sarahshotspot.com/
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