Hamilton Winterfest 2021 kicks off on January 29th, bringing more than fifty virtual events to be enjoyed from the comforts of Hamiltonian homes. 

Now entering its fortieth year, Hamilton Winterfest has brought together a diverse mix of community producers to create a wide-range of events across the city keeping Hamiltonians active during the coldest month of year. Due to the pandemic, this year is like no other, with the traditional Festival taking place completely through virtual experiences between January 29 and February 15. Partner offerings in this unique year include the Art Gallery of Hamilton and Hamilton Fringe Festival, to the Hamilton Public Library, Soupfest and Factory Media Centre.

Highlights of the 2021 Festival
  • Winterfest 360 Park Tour– This year’s virtual festival hub is set on the stunning grounds of one of Hamilton’s finest heritage sites, Auchmar Estates, and promises 360-degree drone tours of the Winterfest Hub including:
  • A new Public Art Commission- Entitled Inspired by Icebergs, this public art piece, commissioned specifically for Winterfest 2021 is inspired by Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris, executed by local designer Tanis MacArthur. These four, large inflatable icebergs will become a canvas for the Winterfest Hub that can be walked through while enjoying projected art pieces and concert streams.
  • Signature Concert Series- Over the course of the festival, Winterfest will premier three pre-recorded concerts featuring Hamilton-based electronic artist Illitry; Montreal singer-guitarist Clerel; and Toronto-based rock ensemble Monowhales.
  • Tiny Concerts– In addition to the signature series, Winterfest will present four lunch-time concerts online, each featuring a local musician and highlighting a city-owned venue, including Auchmar Estates, Griffin House, Whitehearn and the Museum of Steam and Technology.
  • Video Art Pieces- a highlight promises to be DRIFT; a twenty-five minute long video and sound experience by a team of local artists that animates an installation of icebergs. Additional video art pieces featured in Winterfest are Moonshaker and FLOCK.
  • The return of Arctic Foxes- the art installation featuring larger than life inflatable foxes return for another year.
  • Frost Bites Festival- Once again partnering with the Hamilton Fringe Festival’s annual site-specific theatre festival, Frost Bites has moved online this year to offer online and downloadable productions. Frost Bites will close out Winterfest from February 11-14.
  • Art Classes- the Art Gallery of Hamilton will be offering a series of online classes and movie screenings throughout the Festival.
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